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Flaconcino contagocce da 20 ml. in Vetro violetto MIRON®


Very often with the arrival of a new baby brother finds himself inundated with feelings of jealousy and irritation that impair his emotional well-being .
It ’s very important to help in these moments , so that the sediment is not anger in his heart and prevents them from experiencing peace and love for his fellow man.
It ’ also a time of growth and maturity for him ; essence of this combined helps him to accept the new situation , causing him to perceive the beauty in sharing the love and care of parents with other siblings.

Star of Bethlehem , Holly , Heather .

FloriNutriva are packaged in glass MIRON violet , which is able to maintain and even enhance the vibrational energy content for long periods of time .

you recommend 4 drops for 4 times per day which may be increased depending on the individual needs. In infants or very young children may be diluted in a little water or added to the bottle.

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