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Flaconcino contagocce da 20 ml. in Vetro violetto MIRON®


The essence consists in acts disorders related to the digestive processes of the child in the first months of life and weaning. The bua the belly can be generated from mild intolerance and classic colic, very frequent at this stage of development.
Bloating and abdominal distension accompanied by pain can also be a sign of emotional appeal, a non-verbal attention and care.
Help the excessive abdominal distension, mitigates the intolerance of the child

Rock Water, Beech, Honeysuckle

FloriNutriva are packaged in glass MIRON violet, which is able to maintain and even enhance the vibrational energy content for long periods of time.

you recommend 4 drops for 4 times per day which may be increased depending on the individual needs. In infants or very young children may be diluted in a little water or added to the bottle.

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