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20 Bustine da 6 gr. cad.


New dietary supplement, 100% natural, in sachets. With pure psyllium fibre and plum juice (rich in pectin and vegetable fibres, which are both helpful for the intestinal motility) promotes the body well-being and a regular bowel movement. High fibre dosage (3,6 g), sugar free.

Benefits of psyllium:

• It increases the volume of faeces and promotes evacuation.
• It improves intestinal functions, thanks to its probiotic action.
• It gives a feeling of satiety by swelling in the stomach .
• It slows down nutrients absorption and can be helpful for people with lipid and/or glucide metabolism disturbances.

Does not contain: gluten, added sugars, artificial flavourings, artificial colouring agents, 100% natural origin, suitable for vegetarians and vegan.

Directions for use:
1 to 3 sachets a day are recommended.

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