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ESI - Aloe Fresh Breath Fresh Spray

20 ml in bottle


The product is currently not available for purchase.

A natural deodorant that effectively stops halitosis, by neutralizing the bacteria that cause bad breath. Its flavour is fresh and minty. Aloe Fresh Alito Fresco Spray is handy and doesn’t contain gas, alcohol or saccharine. Its original formula uses the restraining effect of Chitosan and neutralizes the bacteria in the oral cavity. These bacteria produce the sulphur compounds that are responsible for bad breath. The antiseptic properties of Tea Tree Oil and of the extract of Grapefruit seeds are combined with the purifying properties of Aloe Vera, making this product a very effective one.

Subject to a tolerability test, microbiologically tested.

Direction for use: Spray once or twice in the mouth avoiding the eye area.

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