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Enukind ® is indicated in cases of enuresis ( involuntary emptying of the bladder) , which is due to functional disorders , such as muscular weakness of the challenges nteri urinary tract imbalances and hormone vasopressin . Enukind ® also acts on the symptoms that accompany the bedwetting itself , such as frequent urination stimuli with sudden urgency to urinate and a feeling of not emptying . The administration of Enukind ® allows you to tackle situations of incontinence in children, through a reinforcing action of the muscles of the challenges nteri and exerting beneficial un’infl uence on the development of children’s psychosomatic . Enuresis is often a disease with a strong psycho-emotional and constitutional ( fears, frights , small troubles , insults , anger , jealousy ) , and therefore requires a therapeutic support background with the remedy unit of land. The product can be useful for adjusting and perineal rehabilitation of the mother after childbirth.
directions :
Nocturnal enuresis also of functional origin , psychosomatic or if the mode of the single remedies comply with the similarity of the subject.
5-7 cells 3 times a day dissolved in the mouth or in a little water .
The product should be administered continuously for at least 2 months.
Give the product away from meals.

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