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Confezione da 10 g


Kindinfekt ® is the product used in the prevention of chronic recurrent infections , particularly those affecting the respiratory tract both upper and lower . These are influenced positively , favoring the one hand the possibility of excretion , eliminating waste substances collected , and on the other by stimulating the immune system through the activation of the lymphatic system and the increase of white blood cells . It also regulates and reduces the susceptibility of the child to fall ill in the presence of changes in the weather , cold, humidity . In the event of acute treatment with Kindinfekt ® can be supported depending on the severity of the individual case also to the respective pediatric remedy for your specific symptoms .
directions :
Chronic and recurrent infections of the respiratory tract
5-7 cells 2 times a day dissolved in the mouth or in a little water , at least one month before the periods at risk.
In the prevention of colds is possible to perform treatment cycles of a month interposing intervals of a week , starting from the beginning autumn , and throughout the period of risk.
Give the product away from meals.

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