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Kinditraum ® with the initial pain associated with all cases of traumatic mechanical injury and is quickly removed and the resorption of hematomas facilitated . Quick draw benefi t bruises and injuries that have caused suffering in the nervous system ( as it happens mostly during accidents and falls ) , joint sprains , tendon sprains and muscle pains . While Arnica shows dual-action hemostasis and blood fl uidifi cante (useful on bruising ) , Hamamelis acts primarily as a hemostatic blood on the payments .
Kinditraum ® moderates inflammation and edema, and stimulates regeneration of injured tissues . Plays an analgesic effect in the prevention and treatment of post-operative pain as dental extractions and surgeries.
directions :
Painful traumas of all kinds, bruises, wounds, cuts , bruises , crushing , sprains, torn muscles and ligaments , trauma from loss of milk teeth .
Acute conditions with strong pain : 5-7 cells every 15-30 minutes or dissolved in the mouth with a little water .
With the diminishing of symptoms and in maintenance therapy : diminish the administration of up to 5-7 cells 3 times a day .
Give the product away from meals.

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