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Disturbances caused by movement, while traveling , occur in a rather pronounced especially in children. Characteristic symptoms are disorders of autonomic nature such as nausea, dizziness , vomiting, pallor , cold sweats, often headache, caused by the use of means of transport such as car, ship, plane . Kind Kinevitan ® acts on the autonomic nervous system and the vegetative centers ; regulates the excitability of the central nervous system, characterized by a tendency to gastric spasms , and then the vestibular organ appendage inside . Stabilizes gastrointestinal disorders and infl uence positively nausea , vomiting and dizziness, also accompanied by strong pressure to the back of the head. Kind Kinevitan ® can also be used for preventive use during trips or longer .
directions :
seasickness , car , air , nausea with vomiting, chinetosica syndrome (dizziness, even with strong pressure to the head , pale skin, sudden sweats , etc.).
Prevention: 5-7 globules dissolved in the mouth or in a little water 3 times a day in the days before the trip.
Were acute : 5-7 cells also every half hour.
With the easing of symptoms and in maintenance therapy : 5-7 cells per day .

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