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Confezione da 10 g


Luffakind ® is a homeopathic medicine remedies unit consists of extensive clinical experience who possess the typical symptoms of nonspecific allergies . It possesses desensitizing and proven effi cacy in the treatment of colds fi wine , even in the case of shortness of breath , bronchial asthma , tightness of the chest. It acts on the nasal mucosa , pharynx and paranasal regulating the production of mucus and inflammation. The components of plant origin contained in Luffakind ® work synergistically providing an immediate improvement of symptoms referable to the ball nasal (sneezing , itching , obstruction, secretion ) and ocular (watery eyes , itching, burning , allergic conjunctivitis ) and guaranteeing a perfect tolerability. In the case of pollen allergy are advised to start preventive care , before the period of the blooms .
directions :
Allergic rhinitis ( hay fever) , allergic reaction to the products of epidermal animals, and dust mite allergies , allergic conjunctivitis , vasomotor rhinitis
Prevention: 5-7 globules dissolved in the mouth or in a little water 3 times a day. We recommend a preventive therapy beginning three weeks before the blooms allergenic and maintenance therapy in other months at risk.
In acute states : 5-7 globules every half hour or every hour , all’attenuarsi symptoms every 2-3 ore.Si recommend protract the therapy for a certain period of time, even after the improvement of the symptoms .
Been in chronic non-seasonal : 5-7 cells 3 times a day for cycles to be repeated periodically throughout the year .
Give the product away from meals.

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