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Munostim ® is the first product used in the prevention of nonspecific viral infections ( herpes, influenza) , bacterial infections (infections of the respiratory tract , cystitis ) and fungal infections (thrush , candida) applicants . Munostim ® effectively increases the immune system by stimulating the reticuloendothelial system with a clear increase of leukocytes , are exalted as the protective capacity of pathogens . In all situations where you notice a significant decrease of the immune system by altering the blood picture antibody Munostim ® proves to be of great help as a supportive therapy . It is particularly effective even in the aftermath of surgery, in the states of debilitation consequent to prolonged antibiotic therapy and chronic skin diseases . In the event of acute treatment with Munostim ® can be continued in patients who have a sufficient reactivity and energy and , depending on the individual case , also joined to the respective pediatric remedy for your specific symptoms .
directions :
Prophylaxis of illnesses seasonal colds, infectious – inflammatory processes of acute and chronic respiratory particularly difficult to resolve , but also dermatological , immunodeficiency states , such as disease leucopeniche .
5-7 cells 3 times a day dissolved in the mouth or in a little water .
To increase the defenses in cases of recurrent execute courses of treatment lasting a month 2-3 times a year .
In the prevention of colds run cycles of treatment of one month interposing intervals of a week , starting from the beginning autumn , and throughout the period of risk.
Acute conditions : association of the specific product in the dosage of 5-7 cells per hour.
Give the product away from meals.

Medicinale omeopatico senza indicazioni terapeutiche approvate.
Le informazioni contenute nella descrizione del prodotto hanno carattere puramente informativo e non hanno fini pubblicitari, nel rispetto della normativa vigente

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