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O.T. Kind ® is the third product used in the prevention , particularly at the level of recurrent infections of the middle ear . In children, frail , prone to relapse of purulent otitis media at intervals of 2-3 weeks , you should consider the whole constitutional settlement . For recurrent ear infections is in the foreground just the lymphatic diathesis – tuberculin . The product has , in fact, constitutional remedies and diatesici occurring mainly on the preparation of the child to contract pathologies of the middle ear . Taking also into account that a high percentage of otitis has viral etiology , is particularly suitable to use a treatment of the soil, rather than resorting to antibiotic therapy . In the case of acute otitis remedies necessary to intervene with targeted unit and identified according to the individual case.
directions :
Chronic otitis media is not acute , but the applicant.
5-7 globules dissolved in the mouth or in a little water 2 times a day, at least a month before the period at risk.
In the prevention of colds is possible to perform treatment cycles of a month interposing intervals of a week , starting from the beginning autumn , and throughout the period of risk.

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