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Confezione da 10 g


The diarrhea manifested by frequent discharges of liquid stool is not formed and can be caused by toxicity or intolerance to certain foods , but also by viral or bacterial infections . Diarrhea in infants is mostly caused dall’indigeribilità milk , the inability of the child to assimilate and is often accompanied by vomiting and great fl atulenza . The child becomes restless , irritated and cries easily , and his body is weakened , and this leads to a state of general exhaustion . Reakind ® , thanks to the synergy of its five components , relieves pain and return to normal bowel function , improves the mental state and the baby’s nervous , which is reassuring .
directions :
Diarrhea and dysenteric forms of various kinds, also resulting from milk intolerance
5-7 cells 3 times a day dissolved in the mouth or in a little water ; in acute states also every half hour.
Give the product away from meals.

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