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DEFENCE COLOR Fondotinta Opacizzante



The texture of the flesh opaque and untouchable , thanks to special resin drops Mediterranean , check out the clarity in the T-zone Gives a natural finish and minimizes pores and imperfections , refining skin texture . Enriched with " Glow Factor" , an exclusive pool of active anti- oxidants and anti- stress, brightens the complexion giving a radiant and healthy look .
Mastic resin : vegetable gum obtained from the mastic tree (Pistacia lentiscus) , an evergreen shrub typical of the Mediterranean area . Due to its astringent and purifying properties , absorbs excess sebum controlling the " clarity " of the skin and making it dull , reduces skin blemishes and reduces enlarged pores .
" Glow Factor" , an exclusive pool of active antioxidant and anti- stress , consisting of
• Lipo- cocoa extract lipophilic fraction extracted from the cocoa bean contains biolipidi with special power smoothing of the skin microrelief .
• Moringa oleifera oil : vegetable oil with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids . Effective emollient, inforza and protects the skin from environmental damage (anti -pollution ) .
• Vitamin E: protects against oxygen free radicals and oxidative stress .
Evens out the complexion and corrects imperfections , check out the lucidity cutaneous T zone , characteristic of combination . Tested non-comedogenic .
Lay the foundation on her face using the special brush with movements
large and circular from the center of the face outwards .
Well fade in the jaw / neck to avoid unsightly cuts in color.
Available in 5 shades.
401 – IVOIRE
402 – SABLE
403 – BEIGE
404 – MIEL
405 – COGNAC

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