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NATHURA Psyllogel® fibra vaso gusto arancia rossa

Psyllium dietary fiber helps regulate bowel movements. Jar size 170g (correspondent to 38 doses) FLAVOUR RED ORANGE


Psyllium dietary fiber helps regulate bowel movements

Psyllogel ® fibra is a product in base of psyllium fibre (99% purity).

Thanks to the right quantity of water, the psyllium fibre creates a gel and
helps the balance and the natural regularity without irritating the intestine.

Psyllium fibre is prebiotic because it is able to facilitate the development
of a bacterial flora useful to the body and it contributes to preservation of
integrity of intestinal mucous.

Thanks to an action able to reduce the absorption of nutrients, psyllium
fibre can be useful in the diet of people with lipid glucidic and/or
lipidic dysmetabolism.

Suger-free Gluten-free

This is why to take Psyllogel® fibra

International guide lines advise to feed about 25-35 grams of fibre daily. The advised quantity of fibres is not easily achievable with the usual diet. To totalize this amount without changing your habits, you can supplement your diet with Psyllogel® Fibra.

From 1 to 4 measuring spoon daily according to needs, even for periodic cycles of 2-3 weeks.
Feeding a product two hours before or two hours after the possible assumption of pharmaceuticals.

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