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Hygiene of oral cavity
Protects and strengthens the gums in a natural way. Toothpaste indicated during homeopathic therapies.
Homeodent is composed by an association of medicinal plants and fluoride salts which act in a complementary manner on teeth and gums:
- Calendula: with softening, natural antimicrobial action.
- Hamamelis: soothing and refreshing, astringent and gentle on gums.
- Plantain: astringent, soothes the discomfort given by inflamed gums.
- Wild radish: contains active antimicrobial, toning on the gums.
- Fluoride: the association of two fluoride salts favors a better attachment to the teeth, helps to strengthen the enamel and prevent tooth decay.
- Silica: ensures thorough cleaning of the teeth and the removal of plaque without irritating gums and teeth.

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