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Gemme 1 DH, flacone da 60ml


The glycerine macerate Ribes nigrum is indicated in all types of inflammation, febrile syndromes , influenza, in recurrent sinusitis , bronchial asthma , allergies in hives . It works by stimulating the production of adrenal corticosteroids highlighting , but does not replace the adrenal increases its activity through a profound rebalancing of organic processes .
The preparation has an important anti-inflammatory action on the apparatus osteoarticular , its action resembles that of cortisone , but has no contraindications .
- ANTI- INFLAMMATORY ACTION : shows anti-inflammatory properties both in ’ edema in inflammation that simple . You use it for : joint inflammation , dermatitis, dermatosis , eczema ( also topical ) , acute allergic syndromes , inflammatory syndromes (on the mucous membranes, respiratory , urinary, digestive and skin ) , allergic conjunctivitis , rhinitis, seasonal allergic rhinitis ( both spasmodic that hay fever ) , allergic asthma , mumps , Quincke’s edema , urticaria allergic sensitization to drugs , allergic migraines , headaches .
- ACTION FOR PROTECTION AND CARE OF VEINS : anthocyanosides of the fruit, are significantly active in the functional disorders associated venous insufficiency (pain, edema , etc. . ) And on the microcirculation of the connective tissue . For the presence of anthocyanosides can also be used for venous problems that create disturbances in the genital sphere , and in the view, but also in case of heavy legs in any season of the year . It reveals excellent also for the protection of the conjunctiva and elastic tissues damaged , but also for inflamed mucous membranes and capillary fragility
- Analgesic action : the effectiveness resembles the traditional doctors , no side effects, but the effectiveness varies from person to person .
- Antioxidant : both for the presence of substances anthocyanidins and is , in the case of fruits , for the antioxidant vitamins .
- ACTION ANTIMYCOTIC : it has been shown to be fungicidal action of a flavonoid present in Ribes .
- ANY OTHER ACTIONS : antiviral , immune system stimulator , raises low blood pressure , a general tonic .
How to use:
We recommend taking 150 drops per day , or 50 drops diluted in a little water or other drink 3 times a day. The liquid should be kept under the tongue for a few seconds to encourage absorption and then swallowed.

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