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Infants or young children can often suffer from rhinitis strong and stubborn . The nose blocked by mucus and encrusted becomes a particular problem when the child is not yet capable of soffiarselo . Consequently, the drinking and feeding become almost impossible and increases the risk of ear infections. Since the recurrent rhinitis are easily found in patients with allergy , it justifies the presence of a remedy as Luffa operculata that has a clear intervention on allergic diathesis . In these cases Rimikind ® can provide quick relief. It has a fluidizing and cooling expectorant on catarrh and help clear your nose in respiratory distress . Finally, even chronic damage to the mucosa , as they occur in allergic rhinitis, respond well to the product. directions :
Rhinitis with stuffy nose, crusty , full of mucus , chronic rhinitis , atrophic , vasomotor ; chronic damage to the mucosa due to allergic rhinitis
Were acute : 5-7 globules dissolved in the mouth or in a little water every 30 minutes.
With the diminishing of symptoms and in maintenance therapy : diminish the administration of up to 5-7 cells 3 times a day .
Chronic states : 5-7 cells 3 times a day .
Give the product away from meals.

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