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Homeopathy and teething : effective , no side effects or contraindications , homeopathy will help your baby relieving pain associated all’erompere the tooth and acting on symptoms and the associated hassles . In particular, some homeopathic medicines are presented in a form convenient feature to be administered at home or outside , no preservatives and taste enhancers.

Camilia is a homeopathic medicinal specifically formulated to be used in disorders attributable to teething baby .

How to use:
A tube unit dose at a time, orally , 2-3 times daily .
Wash your hands before using the single-dose tubes .
To administer Camilia ® , open the aluminum sachet , remove a single dose tube from the holder and open it. Put the baby in a sitting position . Pour the contents of the tube into the baby’s mouth. Carefully reseal the bag containing the other single-dose tubes .
Use a new tube to each dose administration .
Do not retain a single-dose tube after opening and discard after each use.
The duration of treatment should not exceed 3 days.

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