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Confezione da 10 g


During the second half of the first year of life the first teeth grow. In this period, children are often irritable, crying all the time, are restless and do not sleep well. Chamodent is the homeopathic medicinal product for use in disorders of dentition, such as dental eruptions and painful spasms of the gums, also accompanied by fever, and the consequent difficulty in falling asleep. Help the child to better withstand the physical changes and reduces the pain and the state of restlessness that accompanies the growth of the first teeth, as well as the transition from the first to the permanent dentition.
• teething pains
Acute conditions with strong pain: 5-7 cells every 15 minutes. With the diminishing of symptoms and in maintenance therapy: diminish the administration of up to 5-7 cells 3 times a day. Administer before meals.

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