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Dispenser con erogatore da 200 ml.


Innovative fluid treatment designed to regenerate and protect daily larger areas of the body. Helps improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks , counteracts dryness and cracking due to the extra moisturizing and soothing properties , relieves any irritation , and mitigates the effects of premature skin aging. Its particular liquid texture , light , high penetration and rapid absorption , contains an innovative ingredient * Megamoist * that enhances the natural moisturizing factor of the skin, giving an immediate feeling of comfort and well-being. The convenient push- dispenser can dispense the right amount of product with a simple gesture ..
The formulation provides a mix of specific active * high performance * .
- Sweet almond oil : it fights dryness and dehydration , relieves redness, spots and blemishes in contrast , helps maintain youthful skin ;
- Arginine , Carnitine , Taurine and Ornithine , a pool of amino acids that promote the renewal and cell viability , enhancing the ability of tissues to retain water ;
- Acid boswelico properties ultra- ultra- soothing and moisturizing , nourishes the skin and help restore its natural tone ;
- Hyaluronic Acid TriComplex synergistic synthesis of three types of hyaluronic acid , an intense hydrating and revitalizing the skin tissue :
- Coenzyme Q10 protects from the attack of free radicals with powerful antioxidant ;
- Preventhelia protects cellular DNA and promotes the spontaneous repair .
It also contains a complex of microproteins derived from corn, a deep calming activity and humectant and natural alpha- hydroxy acids that help to repair damaged skin by strengthening its barrier effect.

How to use: apply one or more times a day. It can also be used in pregnancy.
Do not apply to broken skin .
Dermatologically tested – No Mineral Oils – Without Liquid Paraffin – No Parabens – No Alcohol – Nickel Tested .

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