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Olio in flacone da 60 ml.


Oil – treating hands, face and body , it helps to improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars, nourishes the skin restoring moisture balance , reduces the effects of premature aging of the skin and evens out the complexion .
The formulation provides a blend of NATURAL OILS fortified with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins , plus exclusive DRAGOXAT ingredient that makes the texture very light, non -greasy and easily absorbed. The SWEET ALMOND OIL fights dryness and dehydration , relieves redness, spots and blemishes contrasts ,
helps to keep the skin young . The ARGAN OIL Jojoba and stimulates cell renewal and promoting the restructuring of the skin, carrying out an activity moisturizing , emollient and enhance the skin’s immune system .
The ROSE HIP OIL , Calendula , Lavender, Rosemary , Chamomile , SOJA and SUNFLOWER have soothing, protective and regenerating , giving immediate comfort to the skin. Hyaluronic acid is useful to restore moisture , smoothness and tone of tissues, Vitamin A and E protect from attack by external agents and free radicals, improve elasticity and help to depigmentare skin.

HOW TO USE : Apply twice a day , for at least three months , where they are most visible signs of stretch marks (as a result of pregnancy or rapid weight changes ) , scarring ( also of recent origin , due to minor wounds and burns , scratches , surgery and aesthetic , chicken pox ) , dehydration and aging. Adopt circular movements of the fingers to facilitate absorption .

Dermatologically tested, liquid paraffin, paraben-free , alcohol-free , nickel tested .

For all types of skin.

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