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Crema in tubo da 100 ml.


Cream- treat hands, face and body , it helps to improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars, restores the correct moisture balance by counteracting dryness and cracking , reduces the effects of premature skin aging. The formulation is based on a NATURAL OIL enriched with active high-performance , plus the exclusive ingredient Lipomoist 2013, which creates a molecular film on the skin moisturizing and highly protective, with continuous and prolonged effect . The SWEET ALMOND OIL fights dryness and dehydration , relieves redness, spots and blemishes in contrast , helps to keep the skin young . The MUCOPOLISACCARDI SNAIL (POLY ELIXAN ) provide elements that stimulate tissue repair and improve skin elasticity . ACID BOSWELICO , ultra- moisturizing and ultra- soothing, intensely nourishes the skin to help restore firmness.
The presence of HYALURONIC ACIDTRICOMPLEX , synergistic synthesis of three types of hyaluronic acid , an intense hydrating and revitalizing the skin tissue. It also contains SHEA BUTTER , useful to increase the skin’s defenses against environmental stress , and ALOE VERA GEL ​​which helps to restore skin balance and gives relief.

HOW TO USE : Apply daily , one or more times a day, stretch marks (as a result of pregnancy or rapid weight changes ) , scarring ( also of recent origin , due to minor wounds and burns , scratches , surgery and aesthetic , chickenpox ) , areas that show signs of dehydration and aging. Adopt circular movements of the fingers to facilitate absorption .

Dermatologically tested, mineral oil , liquid paraffin , paraben-free , alcohol-free , nickel tested .

For all types of skin.

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